Cellular Plans

Cellular Phone

Bundle our Mobile Wallet with our Wireless Service and your $2.00 monthly Debit Card Fee is Waived !

Plan options include:

  • Bundle with our Wireless Service!
  • Bring you own device!
  • All Carrier Networks
  • No Contracts
  • Family Plans
  • Wi-Fi Calling
Cellular Phone

Move Money

Mobile Wallet Account can link to Optional Debit MasterCard account to enable free Domestic and International Money Movement.

Money Access Like Never Before.

  • Free Domestic Money Movement
  • Free International Money Movement
  • $2.00 International ATM Withdrawal
  • $1.75 Domestic ATM withdrawal
  • Use Anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Move Money from Mobile Wallet Account to Optional Debit Card in real time and for Free
  • Completely Secure
  • iPhone and Android Data Apps (just search Unified Signal mWallet)
Cellular Phone

Integrated ILD

Use your Mobile Wallet Account to place ILD calls at a fraction of the cost of the competition

International Long Distance Rates:

  • Australia$0.0118
  • Brazil$0.006 to $.009
  • Canada$0.003
  • China$0.0106
  • France$0.0061
  • Germany$0.0061
  • Haiti$0.2657
  • Hong Kong$0.0162
  • India$0.0138
  • Italy$0.005
  • Mexico City$0.003 to $.004
  • South Africa$0.0375
  • UK$0.0022 to $.01
Mobile Wallet Program

Mobile Wallet Program

Optional Debit MasterCard!

Program Benefits:

  • No Monthly Fee on Mobile Wallet
  • $2 Monthly Fee on Optional Debit Card (waived for all Wireless Customers)
  • Load / Offload Money to Checking / Savings.
  • Move Money to other Users For Free
  • Pay Bills Including Wireless Bill
  • Debit MasterCard: Use funds on your Debit MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Debit MasterCard: Withdraw funds from your Debit MasterCard to virtually any ATM worldwide.
  • Debit MasterCard: Move funds from your Mobile Wallet account to any MyTime Wireless Debit MasterCard Customer in real-time and for free.
Become A Distributor

Become A Distributor

Earn High Monthly Residuals and maintain your customer base

Distributor Program:

  • Become a Master Agent or Dealer and earn the highest industry commissions on a monthly basis
  • Launch your own Private Label Wireless Brand today
  • Access to a Full Turnkey Web-based Dealer Portal
  • Distributors have the ability to sell all major US Carriers, International Long Distance/VOIP Services
  • Distributors collect their commission in REAL TIME at the point of sale